About Precision Bending Technologies

For more than 40 years, Precision Bending Technologies (PBT) has provided custom tubing and assembly solutions. We strive to design and deliver the high quality parts. At Precision Bending Technologies, Every Bend Matters.

With our Design and Delivery program, we know the  discussion starts with the drawing of the product you need, and then we can talk about the best way to build what you need. After our initial consultations, we will explain the prototyping process and how PBT functions as an extended member of the team to deliver your parts.

Headquartered in Mentor, Ohio, PBT delivers custom tubes bent to exact specifications for a variety of industries. Our experience includes complex bending jobs for agriculture, appliances, medical /hospital, food processing equipment, construction equipment and specialty vehicle industries.

With our long history and experience, we can handle a wide variety of tubing materials with sizes that extend well beyond the limitations of other providers. PBT’s flexibility make us the right provider when you need complex execution and unmatched precision.

Our team of engineering and manufacturing experts are adept at handling all materials, types and sizes of tubing for any use, including the conveyance of liquids and/or gasses and for use in structural applications.

Tubing Supply Stacked


Precision Bending Technology is committed to manage our process to ensure on-time with delivery of our projects and services. We have an extensive process to make sure your tube bending project is optimized from end to end.


Precision Bending Technologies understands the need for accuracy and consistency.  Our extensive testing capabilities ensure our accuracy from the first to the last bend.



Precision Bending Technologies, formerly know as STAM,  is ISO 9001-2015 certified. The ISO certification means our processes meet the strictest quality standards. With our dedication to quality,  we train and certify all employees for the tasks they perform to ensure accurate end results.



We are committed to always delivering superior accuracy and product quality. All of our bends are carefully inspected and tested during the manufacturing process.  We also perform testing and review all products before leaving our facilities to ensure they meet your need and exceed your expectations.