Engineering and Design Consultation

During the design stages of building a system, even experienced engineers and machinists can be unaware of the total capabilities and limitations of tube bending machines. Our job is to factor in those machining abilities to work with your design.

Our team at PBT receives various design requirements for complex tube components. Some designs require making multiple parts that will ultimately be joined together. Many of these parts require special tooling and tube bending that could potentially cause limitations to production.

In some instances, the complexity of the requirements may impact cost, and limit choices of metal as well as sourcing of materials. We strive to keep your project on track with open communication throughout the design and consulting process.

If your project is in the last mile of development, we understand this can bring design challenges when it was initially meant to fit other components. Modifications to the tube at this stage can be difficult for most other fabrication and bending facilities, however, our team rises to the challenge. PBT is able to work with you to make simple design adjustments so we can move your custom project into a production reality.

Production Process

We offer fabrication services for tubing and pipe, starting with the drawing. Design validation and updated production requirements of the product are addressed by our team. Find out more about our production process.

Need help with a project?

Our team of experts can help with engineered solutions.