Appliance Manufacturer

Precision Bending has worked with customers in appliance manufacturing for many years. As appliances become more complex, creating custom bending and having flexible production is more important. That change means we can provide the best service for you. 

Using CNC benders, Precision Bending strives to provide great engineering input and make our production more flexible to meet manufacturing needs.

Our bending machines are equipped for bending radius change, and die changes. We also have a thorough review and inspection process to ensure the quality you need.

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Our Services

We offer fabrication services for tubing and pipe. Precision Bending has experience in automotive, appliance, plumbing, and other industrial requirements. As a tubular specialist, we offer bending, compound bending, bend-on-bend, flaring and expanding services. 

With more than 350 bending tools in our factory, our tube bending capabilities are endless. If you have a tough specification, our engineering team will work with you to find the best solutions. Our capabilities include:


Our in-house precision tube bending including the capability to create fixtures, tools and gauges that produce and check the critical attributes of your part. Our proven process ensures any tubular part fits and performs as designed.


Many parts need to integrate stampings, machined parts and castings, and we support a variety of specialty operations. We manufacture parts with adapters or fittings needing welding or brazing, and pressure test the entire assembly.


We have unmatched custom bent tubing knowledge and provide world-class tube bending. We work with clients to engineer and design complex parts to work for your project while maintaining sound structural integrity.


Although we manufacture complex parts, but we make working with our team easy. Get details about our process for partnering with customers on tube bending projects including specification, design, material selection and tube bending costs.