Bending Projects

Precision Bending works on a variety of projects in many industries.  We are able to produce complex multi-bend components for small and large diameter tube specifications.

We use several approaches for a project and have a wide range of bending capabilities. Where it is possible to bend it manually, hand bending jigs use compression bending. Some quite elaborate shapes can be produced.

What Type of Bending is Used for Projects?

You will see from our project gallery that we approach each specification by trying to optimize production, and that might involve different bending techniques.

Our team will use draw bending for fairly tight curves, typical of most engineering applications. However, we might choose to use roll bending for large radius curves.

Every project requires different material,  different tube diameter, and wall thickness because material behaves slightly differently under force and because there is no fixed form around which the tube is being bent.

Tube Bending Projects

Tube Sizes
Round Tubing up to 4" Diameter,
Square Tubing up to 4"

Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Our Projects

We offer fabrication services for tubing and pipe. Precision Bending has experience in automotive, appliance, plumbing, and other industrial requirements. As a tubular specialist, we offer bending, compound bending, bend-on-bend, flaring and expanding services. 

Heavy Equipment Project

Heavy Equipment

Component parts for construction equipment often require complex curved steel bending. We consulted with OEMs to find the optimal solution to their needs with the capacity to deliver large volumes of parts.

Appliance Manufacturers

We worked with a national appliance manufacturer to create multiple tubing bends with up to 6 elbows. This bent pipe was used as a substitute for costly and time-consuming welds.

Automotive Bending

Automotive Tubing

Tube components for auto applications are often well concealed but critical to operation. We understand the importance of accuracy and on-time delivery. See our bending project from a recent automotive exhaust tube project.

Need help with a project?

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