Rotary Draw Bending vs. Compression Bending

When it comes to tube bending services there are several methods, including compression bending and rotary draw bending. We’d like to talk a bit about each of these methods and uses for each.

Compression bending is a rather simple method that is often used on construction sites for bending electrical conduit. However, this type of bending is limited as it can’t make tight (small radius) bends because the pipe will buckle or break.

Rotary draw bending on the other hand allows for more control during the tube bending process as you use mandrels and dies inside the tube. This control allows us to make a very tight bend and can be used to make small dimensional tolerances. Additional benefits of this method include a smooth, aesthetically pleasing appearance which makes it an ideal for applications in which bend cosmetics are important. Rotary draw bending can also be used to bend square and rectangular tube and pipe, channel and extruded shapes.

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