Expanding Our Tube Bending Services with a New CNC Tube Bender

Recently there has been a lot of news about manufacturing growth in April for the third straight month and with positive reports coming month after month we can’t help but agree. From our own prospective we have been seeing the economy improve, our customers are seeing increased volumes, and we are delighted to share that this growth has helped us buy more equipment.

At the end of last year we ordered another CNC tube bender to help us increase our capacity and by February we were thankful that we’d ordered it! The CNC tube bender will help us continue to serve our customers in the food, commercial HVAC, construction, military, and oil and gas industries. Additionally, by increasing our capacity we are also able to serve customers aboard and have recently been exporting to Canada, Singapore, and Brazil.

At Precision Bending our CNC tube bending machines have additional capabilities which allow for mixing of bend radii in the same part as opposed to traditional CNC bending services which suggest all the bends in a part are designed around the same bend radius.

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