To Roll or Bend, That is the Question

This isn’t a life or death decision but one that is important to those of us working with metal piping. Piping is a vital component in almost all manufacturing industries. Whether it is agriculture, food processing, construction equipment, or the aerospace industry, metal piping and tubing is almost always required to transport fluids or gases through a mechanical or processing system.

The two most common ways pipes are produced either by bending or roll bending.

The specifications of the pipe or tube and the material required determine the best process to use. Each process has its positives and negatives. Let us give you a brief overview of pipe shaping processes:

Pipe Draw Bending: This method is ideal for smooth curves and parts with identical bends on each side. This method draws the pipe around a stationary bend die that matches the desired radius. Stretching of the metal occurs along the outside of the bend and compression occurs along the inside of the bend while a precision mandrel supports the tube inside. This method is the most accurate method of pipe bending.

Roll Bending: Large pieces used in the construction industry are most commonly bent using roll bending. Obtaining a smooth curve is more difficult with roll processing.

At Precision Bending Technology, we offer extensive bending processes including CNC tube bending, rotary draw bending and roll bending. Our expertise in pipe and tube forming enables us to fabricate very precise components. Our capabilities allow us to achieve tight radii and tight tolerances.

We also work closely with each client to provide the most cost-effective process. Since tube bending often requires setting up various machines, batching reduces the costs of repeated parts. When a project is completed, we will store the finished products in our warehouse and deliver them when requested. Allowing them to be ready for just-in-time delivery and provide maximum delivery flexibility.

Custom tubing solutions from Precision Bending Technology continue to be trusted throughout the industry. Our high-quality components are integral to many applications, from heavy trucks and machinery to food processing, because the precision of our bending capabilities is unmatched. Please contact us to learn more about our pipe bending capabilities.

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